EQUIPMENT and resources



Boys’ equipment applies to all boys divisions including Novice, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, U19 and Mini tyke and Tyke co-ed programs. 

  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Helmet - (Hockey Helmet acceptable)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Lacrosse Gloves
  • Arm Guards
  • Rib Pads (Optional Bantam & Up)
  • Athletic Cup
  • Cleats

Stick LEngth

Novice and Under | Short Stick 26″ to 40″ 

Peewee and Up | Short Stick 40″ to 42″ or Long Poles 52″ to 72″



Girls’ equipment is required for players that participate in female Novice, Peewee, Bantam, Midget and U19 programs. 

  • Women's Lacrosse Stick
  • Goggles
  • Cleats

Please note that the Women’s Cascade LX headgear is acceptable for use during practices and intersquads.

Stick LEngth

Under 15 |Junior players who are under the age of 15 allow it to fit comfortably along the length of the player’s arm.

Players 15 and up |The overall length of the field crosse will be 0.9 m / 90cm minimum to 1.1 m / 110cm maximum. End caps are included when measuring the overall length of a crosse.