U7 Co-ED

U9 Co-ed and U11 TO U19

*All helmets must be CSA approved for ice hockey or NOCSAE approved. The helmet must have a chin strap which must be properly secured on both sides and cannot be altered from the manufactured form. Face Mask must be CSA approved for ice hockey or NOCSAE approved and must be approved for helmet model that it is mounted on.

Stick LEngth

U7, U9 & U11 | Short Stick 26″ to 40″ 

U13 and Up | Short Stick 40″ to 42″ or Long Poles 52″ to 72″


Girls’ equipment is required for players that participate in female U9 Girls, U11 Girls, U13 Girls, U15 Girls, U17 Girls and U19 Girls programs. Girls in the U7 and U9 Co-ed programs, please refer to the boys equipment for a list of required equipment. 

Note: New to lacrosse female players receive a complete stick and protective goggles courtesy of Northland Lacrosse.

Stick LEngth

U15  | Female players who are under the age of 15 stick length should match comfortably along the length of the player’s arm.

Players U17 and up |The overall length of the field crosse will be 0.9 m / 90cm minimum to 1.1 m / 110cm maximum. End caps are included when measuring the overall length of a crosse.