intersquad games

Season registration includes intersquad games designed to teach Tykes to U19 players to compete in a structured, safe, and fun environment in preparation for optional Field Day competitions.  ELEV8 coaching staff will be on the field providing position specific training that address the intricacies of each position and increases players’ overall lacrosse IQ.

intersquad Details

Calgary Field is proud to continue to host Intersquad game nights for the upcoming 2019 season.
  Intersquad games help prepare players for game like situations and help facilitate players’ learning process as an athlete. Tykes to U19 players gain confidence, translate skills and habits learned in our effectively run practices into great competition performances. High energy games will be competitive and fun! ELEV8 coaches will be on hand to referee, coach and manage the benches.


Players will be asked to register for each of the Intersquad nights at no extra cost. ELEV8 Coaching staff will draft players into Intersquad teams depending on interest for that game night.
Players will receive their team assignment and schedule 2 – 3 days prior to the start of each Intersquad game night.
Teams are selected with competitive equality as the first priority. These games are designed to allow players another opportunity to play lacrosse in a fun, up tempo and competitive environment. Games will cater to a deeper understanding of field lacrosse and provide game experience prior to field days and Provincials.

Intersquad Registration

Players that have registered for the general Calgary Field Lacrosse season are eligible to register to play in Intersquad games. 


Building Compete Level

We provide players with opportunites to master new skills and confidently perform on their own by providing scenarios where players learn to problem solve.


Mistakes are a part of learning, Intersquad games provide an opportunity for players to take risks, be creative and learn a number of different lessons.